AC Troubleshooting: How To Reset Your Cooling System

AC Troubleshooting How To Reset Your Cooling System 11zon

In the advent of summer, you need your air conditioning device to run seamlessly. But sometimes, you need a little professional push or help in handling your HVAC problems. Worry not, as this article will guide you on AC troubleshooting and how to reset your cooling system.

How to Reset your Cooling System?

There are multiple ways of resetting a cooling system, and some of them are strictly for professionals. Here we will discuss the more approachable ones you can try at home and tell you when you need to hire a professional for AC repair in Gresham.

1. Using the Reset Button

The first thing you have to remember, no matter what you do, is to turn off your AC using the thermostat before you start resetting it.

Most of the air conditioning systems or cooling systems have a reset button ready to use. But it’s not always there. If you’re sure or even in a dilemma about whether your AC has a reset button or not, you should look for it.

  • Your first task is to locate the reset button. Reset buttons are usually red and have a reset logo on them.
  • When you find the reset button, press it for three to 5 five seconds. You can count 1 to 5 to understand how long you need to press it.
  • After you release it, the cooling system should restart itself with a beep, but if it doesn’t, you should first check the power supply and repeat the process. Any minor issue in a modern air conditioning unit can be solved by the reset button.

2. Using the Power Button

  • If you cannot find the reset button, you should be going for the shutoff button or the power button. This process is slightly more complicated.
  • Instead of locating the reset button, you have to locate the power button, which comes with a power symbol. Remember to turn off your thermostat before you start working on your cooling system.
  • After you locate the shutoff button, you have to turn it off.
  • A circuit breaker is like your AC’s protector from damage.
  • Most circuit breakers are situated in the breaker boxes. When you find the circuit breaker, you need to turn it off as well.
  • Wait for a minute with everything turned off while your machine takes its time to reset. After a minute is over, turn on the circuit breakers. This is a risky task, so be on your guard to avoid electrocution.
  • After you have successfully turned your circuit breaker on, you can start your AC again by pressing the shutoff button.

But all of your problems won’t be solved by these processes. When you have problems with the fan motor or a clogged air filter you better call a professional and it doesn’t hurt to call the best in AC repair in Portland. Wolcott services provide effective and long-lasting heating and AC services. For further details, contact us at (503) 420-8022.

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