How Much Does it Cost to Install Air Conditioning?

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With the summer temperature rising to extremes in Portland, Oregon, it is probably a good time to install an air conditioning system in one’s home. While a perfect air conditioner can be a blessing during summer months, the benefit depends upon choosing the system and its installation process.

This article looks into the factors necessary for choosing the correct AC and what the costs depend on.

The suitable type of air conditioner

These are the three widely used and available air conditioning systems in the market for any AC installation in Portland, OR

  • Portable: Portable air conditioners are usually massive but easily movable units that require a stable power plug outlet. They are efficient in cooling small office meeting rooms or living rooms.
  • Split: The split system consists of an internal conditioner unit usually installed at the top of a wall and an external compressor unit with suitable draining pipes installed outside the window. They cover a more comprehensive range of areas for cooling.
  • Ducted: The ducted systems are installed inside the walls of the home with an internal electrical system. These take up virtually no extra space but are the costliest to purchase and install.

The three systems vary in price and size. A new installation cost ranges between $1,200-$12,500. The cost of replacement is $5,000 to $10,000, excluding ductwork.

The placement of the conditioning unit

Here is a list of how the size of the air conditioning unit is essential and how it can be used to select the suitable system-

  • The spatial location of the unit is vital. Large office spaces can fit in many portable units. If the area is used for movement, like a theatre or a dance practice hall, split systems are the best to choose from.
  • The ceiling length and height affect the size predominantly. If the room is taller than usual, ducted systems are ideal. If the walls are decorated, ducts provide discreet privacy and maintain the design flow.
  • The cable system inside the house should be considered. If the wiring is unstable and loose in many places, it is best to opt for a portable unit that requires only one power outlet.

Separate installation charges

The AC installation price in Troutdale, OR, includes at least $500 to $2,500 for labor.

Besides, there are costs for extra installation materials ranging from $1,000 to $10,000 depending on the unit’s size, quantity, product type, product brand, and any additional installation requirement.

Choosing a licensed installation company

Selecting a licensed repairing and installation services company is essential as it would be responsible for any further repair and problems related to the entire system in the future.

At Wolcott Serviceswe have recently added HVAC technicians and electricians after a successful forty-year-old family business in plumbing. Call us at (503) 420-8022. for any AC repairing or installation services. Looking forward to making your summers cool again!

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