How to Pick Your New AC System

How to Pick Your New AC System

How to Pick Your New AC System

So, we hear you’ve finally decided it’s time to invest in that new AC. Whether it’s your first AC unit or an upgrade from an old machine we know that this purchase is a big deal and can have a huge impact on the comfort of your home. To make this transition as smooth as possible we’ve got a couple things to look out for when picking your shiny new AC.

Choose the Right Size

Getting the right size system for your house is THE biggest concern when buying that new unit. A unit that is too small may not be able to cool the whole house and a unit that is too big will get up to temperature too quickly resulting in uneven cooling and higher moisture levels in your home that could lead to mold growth.

Calculating what size AC your home actually needs is the solution to this problem, but it can be a fairly complicated process. In fact, it’s not enough to just know the square footage of the building because sometimes two homes with the same square footage may require different-sized air conditioners! To figure the AC size out, factors such as the materials your home was constructed from, the ceiling height, the positioning of walls, how much sun your home gets each day, the condition of the insulation, the number of family members, and the direction your home faces should be taken into account.

If this sounds extra complicated, don’t fear because Wolcott’s pros are here! When one of our pros prepares to install your new AC they will perform what is called a Manual J load calculation that takes into account all these factors to determine the correct BTU (British Thermal Unit) capacity and tonnage of your new AC unit, making sure you get the perfect fit for your home.

Check the SEER Rating

You should also consider the energy efficiency of your new AC. Investing in an energy-efficient system will save you money in the long run on energy consumption, helping both the environment and your pocketbook. When you are shopping make sure to look for the SEER rating (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio). Older units will be somewhere around 6 SEER or less while newer units have a minimum requirement of 13 and typically sit in the range of 13 to 21. The higher the SEER the better, but keep in mind that this rating is a maximum efficiency (similar to the MPG on your car) and the efficiency of your system will vary based on the size of your home, your current ductwork, and other variables.

Wolcott Services is here to help you figure out the best size and efficiency for your new AC and to relieve you of some of the stress of making this choice so you can get back to being chill in your perfectly chilled home.

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