HVAC Summer Maintenance

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When in doubt, get your HVAC checked out! It’s just about to be summer and that means that everyone and their mother will be using their air conditioning in full force. What you don’t want is a unit that stops working when you need it most and when everyone else is also calling to schedule a tune-up or repair. This is why we recommend doing maintenance on your unit before the peak months of summer heat, but late in the game is better than never, so read on to learn how you can get your HVAC unit ready for whatever this summer will throw at it.

Change those air filters. A clean air filter is what lets your unit do its job and efficiently pump out the air to you. If you go too long between changing them you may notice temperatures not reaching where you want or your electricity bill increasing because your unit is having to work harder than normal. Depending on your unit you will either have filters that can be cleaned or that need to be replaced. Make sure you clean or replace your filters every one to three months, unless instructed otherwise by your manufacturer.

Look for dirty air vents. Having clogged or dirty vents is a common issue that can impact your air conditioner’s efficiency. You can help alleviate this by checking your vents for visible dust, dirt, hair, or other debris that is blocking the openings. For a more thorough clean we recommend getting a professional air duct cleaning but in between those maintenance visits be sure you are keeping an eye on your vents.

Clean your outdoor unit. After the winter season, we recommend giving your outdoor unit a once over. Be sure to clean off and remove any dirt or debris that has accumulated on or around your unit. We also recommend cutting back any vegetation within 2 feet of your unit to maximize the airflow.

Check the thermostat settings. We know that during the summer months, you want to run your AC all day, but a big cause of breakdowns is overuse. Help your unit out (and save some $ while you are at it) by doing things like keeping the temperature a little above where you are most comfortable, investing in good quality sun-blocking shades, and keeping them closed during the heat of the day. Using fans to boost airflow and keep you comfortable is another great way to help out your AC on those extreme heat days.

These are all great ways to help maintain your HVAC unit but we will always recommend bringing out a professional to make sure there isn’t anything else keeping your unit from its full potential. Just give us a call and we’ll do our best to keep you cool and comfortable all summer long.

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