Reasons You Really Want That AC Tune-up

2023 03 Wolcott Blog 6

Here at Wolcott, we’re big proponents of getting your cooling systems checked up on every once in a while. Just like any other investment you care for, your cooling system deserves some TLC. The tune-up every once in a while is what allows your AC to keep working hard and keep you comfortable. It’s a win-win! And springtime is a great time to get your AC a check-up before the big heat hits. If you still aren’t convinced your AC really needs that tune-up, check out these reasons to get one:

  1. Tune-ups prevent breakdowns! As we said, spring is the perfect time to get your AC a tune-up because you really want to make sure you’ve got a happy AC before the summer season. A tune-up checks on the little things that may be off in your AC and gets them in good shape so the unit keeps running smoothly. Avoid the hassle of having to sweat it out in the summer with a broken AC (and a huge repair bill!) by having an affordable tune-up now when you aren’t using it as much.
  2. They make your unit more energy efficient. You’re going to love this one. The more energy efficient your unit is the more money you save on your monthly energy bill! When your unit is in good shape it doesn’t have to work quite so hard and use up so much energy to get the same results. You know that every penny counts when you are running the AC constantly during a heat wave so make sure your unit is as efficient as possible BEFORE the heat hits.
  3. And lastly, tune-ups make your AC last longer. Repairable breakdowns are one thing but having an AC that needs to be replaced entirely is an even bigger expense. You know it will happen someday so be sure to get in those tune-ups so you can push that day as far down the line as it can go.

We hope we’ve convinced you how great tune-ups are. Give us a call to schedule yours today so we can help your AC to keep taking care of you!

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