Summer Plumbing Tips for Portland Residents

summer plumbing tips portland

We Bet Your Portland-Area Home Is Buzzing With Activity This Summer — Let’s Make Sure Your Plumbing Can Keep Up

Blueberry pies or mud pies? Sprinkler dashes or dips in the pool? Sleeping under the stars or directly in the path of blasting A/C? Whichever your family prefers, your water consumption is bound to increase this season. Here’s a handful of tips to make sure that everything flows smoothly this summer:

Put on Your Detective’s Cap and Be Proactive

Visitors and outdoor adventures mean more showers (or baths), more laundry, and more toilet flushes. With all of that extra water being used, even minor leaks will be more of a problem, too. (If the toilet leaks each time it’s flushed and you’re flushing it twice as much as normal, you’re losing twice the amount of water!) Look for “soft” spots, loose tiles, and stains on the floor and walls around toilets and bathtubs. If you find any, give Wolcott’s pros a call ASAP.

Your garbage disposal and dishwasher will see extra action this summer, too, so check to make sure that those connections are all tight (and dry) to prevent water damage in the kitchen.

Pursuing the Perfect Lawn? Take Note of What Stands in Your Way

Namely, standing water and discolored patches of grass. Both of these can actually be clues about sewer, septic, or other plumbing problems.

Speaking of the Perfect Lawn…

Be sure that your sprinklers are watering your grass and not your sidewalks or house — this goes for professionally installed sprinkler systems, too. This quick inspection could save you lots of water and, ya know, money.

Pay Close Attention to Water Pressure

If you find that your dish-washing water supply dwindles when your teenager hops in the shower, your pipes may be clogged by mineral deposits. Wolcott’s plumbing pros can do an inspection and talk you through your options for cleaning or replacing your pipes.

Purchasing a New Home? Don’t Forget to Inspect those Sewers

The real estate market is hot, hot, hot during the summer season, and if you’re in the market for a new place to hang your hat, a thorough sewer scope inspection is essential — not to mention a smart investment, because it can alert you to spendy sewer problems before you ink the deal.

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