Ten Most Common AC Problems You Could Face

Ten Most Common AC Problems You Could Face

AC repair experts in Gresham will tell you everything you need to know about potential issues you could encounter with your AC and how to resolve it in the best way possible.

What Are Some Common Issues?

AC System Components Run Constantly

The principle behind the AC system cooling your room is the refrigeration cycle. When the thermostat detects the room temperature is higher than the selected temperature, the process starts and stops when the thermostat reports the room temperature to be equal to the selected temperature. If you find that your AC is not halting for a few minutes and the cycle goes on and on, this indicates a problem.

AC Does Not Turn on

It is a frustrating moment when you try to get the AC to start, but it does not turn on. The reasons are simple. Either the circuit is tripped, or the compressor is not working. There might be a loose electrical wire that has broken the electric circuit, and that’s why the AC is not getting electricity.

Inefficient Air Services From the System

This is due to dust and dirt becoming accumulated in the air filters and ducts. It can also be due to a decrease in refrigerant in the tank. Contact your AC installation company in Beaverton to fill the refrigerant tank.

The System Circulates Warm Air Instead of Cool Air

It is even more frustrating if the AC blows warm air in the summer afternoon. The possible reasons could be a blockage in the ducts, a dirty air filter, or an issue in the refrigeration cycle.

Water Leakage Issue From the Unit

Water from the unit is not an issue, but when the quantity of water is excessive, it is an issue. Wear and tear of the drainage pipes can cause the problem. It can be because the drainage pan is damaged or due to obstruction in the pipes.

Freezing Cycles Change Frequently

The refrigeration cycles should not be short enough and should not run continuously as well. Incorrect thermostat readings can put pressure on the compressor that can cause short cycling.

Ice on the Coils

It is strange to find ice forming on the condenser coils in the intense summers. The ice forms on the condenser because the AC system works too hard to keep the indoors cool.

Tripping the Circuit Breaker is a Normal Thing

It is a severe problem that needs to be immediately addressed because it can damage the electrical wirings of the entire house. There may be an electrical overload or issue in the electric circuit.

Foul Odors From The System

The stale and stagnant smell can come from the system due to mold and fungus growth inside the unit. If you smell a rotten egg odor from the unit, call the AC repair in Gresham immediately, as it can indicate leakage of harmful gasses.

Strange Noises From The System

Noise is an excellent factor in knowing whether there is an issue building in the system. Call the technician for a quick check if you hear an unfamiliar noise.

Here are some common issues related to ACs. It is always better to call and consult your AC installation technician in Beaverton before working on your unit.

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