What Are the Benefits of Installing a Gas Line At Home?

Gas Line Installation 11zon

Did you know that nearly 70 percent of electricity is lost in generation and transportation, which means that appliances that are powered by electricity are just 30 percent efficient? On the other hand, you will be surprised to know that the extraction and transportation of natural gas causes less than 10 percent loss, making gas-fueled appliances nearly 90 percent efficient! This is why more and more homeowners are leaning toward gas line installation in Portland. Read on to know the many benefits of installing a gas line and also the cost involved in doing so.
Benefit #1: When you have a gas line supplying power to your household appliances, cold months will no longer be a problem should the power go out. Most gas appliances do not need electricity to start up. This means you will not be left in the cold and your hearth will still work even if you do not have light!
Benefit #2: Gas lines do more than just powering a furnace. Gas can be used for cooking, heating water, drying clothes, and even in your fireplace. If you have a large yard, you can also have a gas pipe connected to an outdoor barbecue and host potlucks and parties. Natural gas can also be used to power outdoor lighting, swimming pool lights, and even your hot tub!
Benefit #3: You will be surprised to know that natural gas is one of the most affordable sources of energy. This means that installing a gas line will translate to saving money on utilities in the long run.

Cost of Gas Pipe Installation

Now, let us go into the cost involved in installing a gas line. The first thing to know about installing a new gas line is that it is not a project just anyone can undertake. This is a complex and dangerous task best left to the professionals.
Typically, the cost to install a gas line will vary based on the material you choose. For instance, copper gas lines cost anything between $1-$3 per linear foot. Flexible CCST lines, on the other hand, can cost you between $2-$4. The total cost for the cable alone will come up to about $500 for a 50 ft gas line.

You will also need other material such as sealants, testing kits, and connections. These will cost an additional $100-$200. Next comes the labor. Most Portland plumbing technicians will charge you approximately $250 to lay the line for you. This brings the total cost to right about $700-$800.

Other Cost Considerations

There are other considerations that you must take into account while factoring in the costs involved with laying a new gas pipeline. You will need to install a PVC conduit which will cost you about $1-$3 per linear foot. To ensure better leak protection, you will also have to invest in a steel casing pipe that can cost you about $5 per linear foot. Depending on where you live, you might also need a permit to be able to install a gas line.
Remember, it is important that you hire a reliable and licensed professional to install your gas line. If you are on the lookout for an experienced service provider who can do the job for you, Wolcott Services is a name you can trust. Call us today at (503) 420-8022 for more information on gas pipe installation or for an obligation-free quote.

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