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Wolcott Home Services provides plumbing, heating, and air conditioning repair and installation services in Boring, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. They have offered plumbing solutions to the Portland community ever since 1978. While they have a great deal of concern for fittings and valves, their first concern is your well-being. They teamed up with experts in the electrical and HVAC fields to offer you more of the services you need than ever before.

AC Repair, Replacement, and Maintenance

If you’ve forgotten how crucial it is to have a working A/C unit in your home, you’ll quickly remember when the temperatures in the summertime soar to 80, 90, or 100 degrees. Effective air conditioning is essential to both our quality of life and that of our neighbors. Wolcott Services is committed to offering the residents of Troutdale quick, inexpensive, and high-quality A/C repair and maintenance.

Most modern homes aren’t built with good air circulation or architectural cooling in mind, which was necessary for the 1930s when the first air conditioners were introduced to the market. While modern cooling technology may allow for more flexibility in building designs, it also means that it is not uncommon for the temperature inside your home to be higher than the outside temperature when your AC malfunctions or completely fails during the summer. This is due, in part, to inadequate ventilation as well as the fact that modern dwellings’ insulation tends to trap heat more tightly. It takes more than just opening the windows to significantly reduce the temperature.

In Oregon, Astoria, Portland, and Eugene all registered record-high temperatures in August 2019. Even though not everyone is at risk for heat-related sickness or death (such as infants, seniors, and those with preexisting medical disorders), heat exhaustion can nevertheless be dangerous for healthy adults in some situations. Having sufficient access to emergency AC repair in Troutdale, Oregon is essential due to these factors as well as comfort.

The cost to replace an AC or heat pump, however, can range from $3,758 to $7,272, if it is allowed to continue operating while still partially functional. Buying a new system contrasts sharply with annual AC maintenance, which normally costs $75 to $200. The best part is that hiring a reputable HVAC firm for emergency AC repair when a problem first arises only costs between $164 and $558, with the average cost coming in at approximately $360. The price disparity is astounding.

You’ll want to make sure that your A/C is operating at maximum capacity when you’re in the middle of a heat wave with triple-digit temperatures or the air is heavy with smoke from wildfires. For thirty years, Wolcott has maintained the comfort of Portland homes, and our certified heating and cooling technicians would be happy to assist you with the installation of your air conditioning system. Wolcott services all brands of furnaces and air conditioners and is a Lennox Premier Dealer and a Daikin 3D Dealer.

To maintain your equipment operating at peak efficiency and safety, we provide thorough, cost-effective air conditioner tune-ups. Professionals in Wolcott can also identify and fix any problems with your air conditioning systems, or they can install new ones if repairs are insufficient.

Furnace Repair, Replacement, and Maintainance

Wolcott has over 40 years of experience maintaining properties in Portland. We provide a variety of heating options, including those that are energy-efficient, along with the skills necessary to repair your furnace in a skilled manner. Even finding the ideal heating system for your home is something our heating and conditioning professionals can assist you with. Wolcott services all brands of furnaces and air conditioners and is a Lennox Premier Dealer and a Daikin 3D Dealer.

Since 1978, Wolcott has maintained the quality of houses in Portland, and our heating experts will make sure that your furnace is up to the task. Wolcott services all furnace brands and is a Lennox Premier Dealer and a Daikin 3D Dealer.

Your energy cost is split equally between heating and cooling, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. By hiring experts in Wolcott to install a high-efficiency furnace and schedule frequent, preventative tune-ups to keep it operating efficiently and safely – for longer — you may save a lot of money. For every price range, Wolcott offers high-efficiency furnaces from reputable manufacturers like Lennox.

  • Keep your equipment working as efficiently as possible with routine maintenance performed by Wolcott specialists.
  • Avoid expensive breakdowns.
  • Prolong the life of your machinery.
  • Boost the quality of the air inside your home.
  • Keep you protected from dangerous threats like carbon monoxide poisoning.

Why you will choose Wolcott

Our expert HVAC specialists will identify the source of your problems.

  • We provide a 10% discount (up to $200) for active duty service members, first responders, and seniors (55 and older).
  • With a two-hour service window, we offer same-day service every single day.
  • We have existed since 1978.


All sorts of homes in Troutdale, Oregon, may get high-quality emergency AC repair from reputable HVAC firms like Wolcott Services. We attempt to educate our customers about the advantages and long-term savings of routine system maintenance since we are aware of how unplanned costs can have a negative influence on your household. As a result, we provide economical air conditioner repair. Despite being in the Pacific Northwest, we are nevertheless vulnerable to the “urban heat island effect,” which causes cities to retain more heat than rural areas and poses health risks due to prolonged exposure to heat. We put our client’s safety first, both for those reasons and for your comfort, to know more get your ac repaired today at (503) 683-8437.

Wolcott Home Services provides plumbing, heating & Air Conditioning repair and installation services in Brush Prairie, WA and surrounding areas.

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Reliable service! Awesome advice and reasonable pricing

Review of Wolcott Services

Such peace of mind. I felt informed and taken care of.

Brush PrairieWA98606 45.7275-122.47

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Friendly, timely, and thorough service!

Review of Wolcott Services

Ken was very friendly and answered all my questions patiently. His explanations about what he was doing were also very thorough. He was great!

Brush PrairieWA98606 45.7075-122.465

Matthew W.

Matthew W.

No heat.

Near NE 238th Ave, Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Brush Prairie, WA - No heat.
Matthew W.

Matthew W.

No heat. Lennox.

Near NE 238th Ave, Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Brush Prairie, WA - No heat. Lennox.
Matthew W.

Matthew W.

No heat. Heatpump. Lennox

Near NE 238th Ave, Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Brush Prairie, WA - No heat. Heatpump. Lennox
Cody K.

Cody K.

Heat pump repair

Near NE 169th St, Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Ken  S.

Ken S.

Heat pump/air handler maintenance.

Near NE 169th St, Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Brush Prairie, WA - Heat pump/air handler maintenance.
Ken  S.

Ken S.

Heat pump tune up.

Near NE 144th St, Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Brush Prairie, WA - Heat pump tune up.
Ken  S.

Ken S.

Heat pump, air handler, and HRV tune ups

Near NE 116th Cir, Brush Prairie, WA 98606
Brush Prairie, WA - Heat pump, air handler, and HRV tune ups

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