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Air Conditioner Installation

Air Conditioner Installation

When you’re smack in the middle of a triple-digit heat wave or the air is thick with wildfire smoke, you’ll want to be sure that your A/C is running at full capacity. Wolcott’s been keeping Portland homes comfortable for three decades and our licensed heating and cooling specialists will gladly help you out with installing your air conditioning system. Wolcott is a Lennox Premier Dealer, a Daikin 3D Dealer and we service all brands of furnaces and air conditioners (residential and commercial).


If you’re thinking about taking the leap and installing air conditioning in your home, Wolcott professionals will work with you to find the perfect system for your needs and budget. Wolcott trusts reputable brands like Lennox to provide the highest quality and most energy-efficient equipment. Expert installation and regular maintenance of your air conditioning system will ensure that it’s running as efficiently and safely as possible, which can save you some serious energy — and some cash, too.
Portland Heating Cooling Services

Professional Air Conditioner Installation in Portland, Oregon

If you’ve had your existing AC unit for close to 15 years and it’s barely keeping up with the summer heat, it may be time to consider replacing it. Purchasing a new air conditioner or heat pump is a significant investment. However, the benefits of buying the right model for your home and having it set up correctly by professionals will pay you back immensely in terms of energy efficiency, peace of mind, and comfort.

Wolcott Services has over 40 years of experience in air conditioner installation in Troutdale and Portland, Oregon, and the surrounding areas. We’re proud dealers of Lennox and Daikin 3D equipment, but we’re also happy to install and service all other makes and models of AC units and heat pumps. Because we understand how vital your cooling system is and that each home is unique, our team will spend the time to help you select your perfect new air conditioning solution.

Air Conditioner Installation: Sizing for Maximum Cooling Power

When shopping for a new AC unit, it makes sense that homeowners usually focus on cost, energy efficiency, and features of the best models. What many people may not realize is that while these details are important, one factor trumps them all, and that’s the way the air conditioner is installed. When this crucial step isn’t done properly, the most environmentally-friendly unit out there will raise your electric bill instead of lowering it. It probably won’t cool your home sufficiently, and it might even cause humidity problems. 

Air conditioners must be appropriately sized for the homes or businesses they’re intended to cool. Although it may seem counterintuitive, just purchasing a large, powerful AC unit with a high SEER rating isn’t enough. Likewise, an air conditioner that is too small (insufficiently powerful) can’t handle the cooling demands of the building. 

Signs of an Oversized Air Conditioner

An AC unit which is too powerful for your home or business brings the air to the desired temperature too quickly. This causes the air conditioner to run in short cycles, meaning it turns on and off far too often. You’ll notice some rooms in your home are cooler while others are too hot. Additionally, since your AC never runs for an extended period, it doesn’t get the chance to dehumidify the air. This secondary function of your air conditioning system is essential. Without dehumidification, the chronic, high levels of moisture in your home can contribute to mold growth. An oversized air conditioner also leads to high electric bills. This increased consumption of energy is due to all the stopping and starting. 

Signs of an Undersized Air Conditioner

When the air conditioner installed in your home is too small, it may produce only weak airflow from vents. Despite running your AC non-stop, it never seems to lower the temperature enough. And although it runs the entire day without shutting off, you notice temperature inconsistencies from room to room. Like an AC unit that is too big, your energy bills are higher than they should be — in this case, because your air conditioner must work so hard. Unfortunately, too-small air conditioners prematurely fail because they’re forced to perform beyond their intended capacity. Luckily though, the problems resulting from undersized and oversized AC units are easily prevented by professional air conditioner installation.

AC Installation by Licensed HVAC Techs

Air conditioner installation is one of the areas in which the difference between a licensed heating and cooling professional and a handyman really shows. It’s not enough to simply know the square footage of the building and size an AC unit based on that number. Believe it or not, two homes with the same square footage may each require a different size air conditioner! To find the precise amount of cooling capacity an AC unit needs, many factors must be taken into consideration. Some of these include the materials from which your home was constructed, ceiling height, the positioning of walls, how much sun your home gets each day, the condition of the insulation, the number of family members, the direction your home faces, and other details. 

When an expert from Wolcott Services prepares for installation, he or she will perform a Manual J load calculation. This calculation is a complete analysis of all the factors that must be considered when determining the correct BTU capacity and tonnage of an AC unit. BTUs (British Thermal Units) are units used to measure heat, whereas “tons” refer to an air conditioner’s cooling power. In the HVAC world, a ton equals the amount of heat needed to melt one ton of ice within 24 hours. For example, a 1-ton air conditioner removes 12,000 BTUs of heat from your home per hour. By hiring a licensed professional to take measurements and note your home’s characteristics, you’ll be sure to get an air conditioning system of the proper tonnage.

Pre-Installation Air Conditioning Checklist

If your AC unit is nearing the end of its life, the first thing we’ll do is perform an inspection to make sure it actually does have to be replaced. Sometimes, the air conditioner may just need the refrigerant recharged or a mechanical component repaired. We’ll always tell you upfront if this is the case. Once we determine that you do need a new air conditioning system, we’ll check a few things in your home to make sure it’s adequately set up for the new unit. A Wolcott Services tech will inspect your ductwork to make sure it’s free of leaks or blockages. We’ll also ensure that the ducting is sufficient for the new system and make corrections if needed. If you’d like to replace your thermostat along with your air conditioner, we can advise you on programmable models and smart thermostats. We’ll also discuss financing options if needed. 

Wolcott Services: AC Installation You Can Trust

Wolcott Services is Troutdale, Oregon’s air conditioner installation expert. We’re passionate about helping every customer! To get started and snag some great discounts, see our reviews page on Angie’s List or visit us on Facebook. We also offer a 10% discount for members of the military, seniors, and first responders. Contact us today at @ (503) 420-8022 for the professional service you deserve!


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