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AC Repair In Troutdale, OR

AC Repair in Troutdale, OR

During those hot summer days that get up to 80, 90 or 100 degrees, you know it’s important to have a well-functioning A/C unit in your home – and if you’ve forgotten how important it is, you’ll soon remember! Efficient air conditioning is an integral part of our lives and the lives of our neighbors. That’s why Wolcott Services is dedicated to providing fast, affordable, and high-quality A/C repair and maintenance to the members of the Troutdale community.

Emergency Air Conditioning Repair: Benefits Beyond Comfort

AC Repair in Troutdale, Corbett, Gresham, OR, and Surrounding Areas

In August 2019, Oregon experienced record-high temperatures in the cities of Astoria, Portland, and Eugene. While not everyone falls within an at-risk category for heat-related illness or death (such as infants, those over 65 years old, and people with existing medical conditions), heat exhaustion still poses a threat to healthy individuals under certain circumstances. These factors, as well as comfort, make having sufficient access to emergency AC repair in Troutdale, Oregon, a necessity.

Putting Off Emergency AC Repair Leads to Health Risks and Higher Costs

It isn’t uncommon for homeowners to postpone calling an air conditioning repair service due to the costs involved, and that is entirely understandable. Unfortunately, toughing out the heat for days or weeks is not only dangerous but in many cases, when an AC unit reaches the point of complete breakdown, it’s usually an indication that routine maintenance wasn’t performed earlier. In other words, in a well-intention effort to save money, it can be all too easy to fall into the trap of unconsciously generating significant, unforeseen expenses in the future by trying to save on cash during the present air conditioner glitch.

However, if an AC or heat pump is allowed to continue running in its unrepaired (if still partially functional) state and later fails, it can cost between $3,758 and $7,272 to replace it. Purchasing a new system stands in stark contrast to getting annual AC maintenance, which typically runs between $75 to $200. Best of all, calling a professional HVAC company for emergency AC repair at the first sign of trouble only runs in the range of $164 – $558, with the average cost falling at around $360. The difference in price is staggering.

There are downtime differences to take into consideration, as well. In an average emergency service call, it usually takes a technician between 1 and 3 hours to fix the problem, whereas replacing your entire central air conditioner or heat pump system can take as long as 1 to 5 days, or sometimes longer. That’s far too much time to be without your cooling system, especially if you have children or older family members. A competent emergency AC repair service is not only cost-effective but safer and more convenient.

Background: The Necessity of Air Conditioner Repair

Most of today’s homes aren’t constructed with an architectural cooling ability or proper air circulation in mind — something that had to be taken into consideration before the 1930s when the first air conditioners came into production. While recent cooling technology may lend more leeway in building designs, it also means that when your AC malfunctions or gives out entirely during the summer, it isn’t rare for the temperature inside your home to exceed that of the outside. Some reasons for this include lack of adequate ventilation and the fact that the insulation of modern homes tends to hold in the heat more. Simply opening the windows isn’t enough to substantially lower the temperature.

Reputable HVAC companies such as Wolcott Services provide quality emergency AC repair in Troutdale, Oregon, to all types of homes. We understand how unforeseen expenses can impact your family, which is why we offer affordable air conditioner repair and strive to educate our customers on the benefits and long-term savings of routine system maintenance. Even here in our Pacific Northwestern climate, we’re still susceptible to the “urban heat island effect” (cities tend to hold in more heat than rural areas), the blind spots in conventional architecture, and the health risks associated with prolonged heat exposure. For those reasons and your comfort, we make the safety of our clients our number one priority.

The Solution to Air Conditioning Failures

If you’ve been maintaining your AC unit with annual inspections, regular filter changes, and routine cleanings, but it still malfunctions during the warmer months, you can begin tackling the problem by running through a few emergency troubleshooting steps yourself.

  • Ensure your filter hasn’t become clogged. Clogged and dirty filters restrict airflow, causing your air conditioner to work harder. Cooling power is limited. Even if you replaced your filter a month or two ago, any changes inside your home since then (such as adding a pet, household dust accumulation, or debris getting in from leaking ducts, etc.) could contribute to a filthy filter. It’s the number one cause of air conditioning failure, so if you find this, change it immediately.
  • Check your HVAC system’s power. This inspection includes your electrical panel, the power switch near your AC’s outdoor compressor unit, the indoor air handler, and the thermostat. Check the batteries inside your thermostat and replace them if necessary. Inspect your home’s fuse box for any blown fuses.
  • If the power is on and your thermostat batteries are still in good shape, ensure the thermostat is set to “cool” and not “fan.” You may find yourself fortunate, and all you need to do is change the setting.
  • If carrying out the above steps doesn’t fix the problem, don’t keep using your air conditioner and attempting to get it working. Running a malfunctioning AC can damage the system further, especially if there are electrical or wiring problems inside the unit. Likewise, if the trouble stems from lack of refrigerant, using the air conditioner with its current low level of coolant can burn out the compressor, meaning the entire unit will need to be replaced.


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Why Choose Us

The technicians at Wolcott Services have been doing this for a long time, and have a wealth of experience in fixing, servicing, and replacing A/C units. Wolcott is a Lennox Premier Dealer, and a Daikin 3D Dealer. We work with all brands and types of furnaces, heat pumps, air conditioners and HVAC systems, both residential and commercial.

We are highly trained experts in providing tune-ups for aging A/C units. By means of our regular maintenance program, we enable our customers to:

  • Keep their units running at top efficiency
  • Avoid paying for costly breakdowns
  • Enjoy their current HVAC equipment for a longer time
  • Breathe easier with improved indoor air quality
  • Escape the dangers of deadly carbon monoxide poisoning and other airborne hazards and contaminants

Our technicians are guaranteed to find the root cause of any issue you are having with your A/C unit, and will solve your problem promptly.  In addition,  we offer the following benefits:AC Repair in Troutdale, Corbett, Gresham, OR, and Surrounding Areas

  • Affordability: We know that A/C repairs can be costly. That’s why we keep our prices competitive; we even offer a 10% discount (up to $200) for military personnel, first respondents, and seniors (55 and older).
  • Speed: We offer our customers same-day service, and provide them with a 2-hour service window. We do this 24 hours a day.
  • Experience: Since we went into business in 1978, we’ve seen some things, and we’ve learned some things. We are always willing to use our experience to help out a customer in need.


There’s no need to suffer from the discomfort, health risks, and added costs of delaying air conditioner repair. When you’re experiencing an AC emergency, Wolcott Services is passionate about restoring your home’s safe indoor environment. Our experts in electrical and HVAC processes are equipped to solve any problem at any time of day or night. Because we work with all makes and models of heat pumps and air conditioners, our technicians know how to diagnose problems and repair damaged components quickly. We don’t want professional service costs to prevent you from getting the relief you need, which is why we also offer financing, specials, and 10% discounts for military personnel.

Call Wolcott Services at @ (503) 420-8022 for affordable, hassle-free emergency AC repair in Troutdale, Oregon. Stop by and visit us on Facebook and see our reviews on Angie’s List.

If you’d like to learn more, reach out to us at Wolcott Services today.

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