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Furnace Installation

Furnace Installation

Wolcott has more than 40 years of experience keeping Portland’s homes in good working order. We offer a wide range of heating solutions, including energy-efficient options, plus the know-how to professionally install your furnace. Our heating and cooling experts can even help you find the perfect heating system for your home. Wolcott is a Lennox Premier Dealer, a Daikin 3D Dealer and we service all brands of furnaces and air conditioners (residential and commercial).


According to the U.S. Department of Energy, heating and cooling account for half of your energy bill. You can save a lot of money by having Wolcott professionals install a high-efficiency furnace and scheduling regular, preventative tune-ups to keep it running smoothly and safely — for longer. Wolcott offers high-efficiency furnaces by trusted brands like Lennox for every budget.
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Lennox Elite Series EL296V


Furnaces are complicated and potentially dangerous appliances, so it’s important to have them installed professionally, by trusted heating and cooling specialists. When you choose to work with Wolcott’s licensed specialists, we’ll help you figure out which furnace is right for you, then expertly install and calibrate it. Wolcott also offers emergency furnace repair.


  • Our highly trained, HVAC technicians will get to the root of your issues
  • We offer a 10% discount (up to $200) for Military, First Responders, and Seniors (55 and older).
  • We provide same day service, with a two-hour service window, 24 hours a day
  • We’ve been around since 1978

Furnaces are heavy machinery and need experts for installation. If a non-specialist installs a furnace, it might cause health hazards.

furnace installation in Troutdale, OR, is expensive because:

  • Furnace installation needs measurement of the home for efficiency.
  • It is a long-term investment and requires professional support initially. Hence, the initial installation cost is high.
  • It requires making many connections like electricity and gas, which require expert attention.

When it’s time to replace your furnace will start sending signals. These signals are:

  • Frequent repairs
  • Lifespan over 15 years
  • Deteriorating air quality.
  • Unusual sounds

These signs are concrete signs that you need to replace your furnace immediately.

You need to get your home professionally measured and consult an HVAC technician. Choose a system that suits the size of your house. It shouldn’t be oversized or small. Before buying, always consult Wolcott Heating & Cooling’s furnace installation in Troutdale, OR team!
A typical furnace lasts anywhere from 15-20 years. It depends on the type of furnace. Also, a furnace can last even longer than its expected lifespan with timely maintenance.

Your furnace gives you numerous signs if it is failing. They mean that you should get your furnace looked at immediately. The signs are:

  • Strange sounds
  • Foul odors
  • Too many repairs
  • Uneven temperature
The money spent on a furnace depends on the model of the furnace. However, typically a gas furnace costs around $1600-$9800, an electric furnace costs $1700-$6200, and an oil furnace costs $4200-$9300.
Sometimes, you will get apparent signs to get your furnace replaced. Replacing your furnace and installing a new one is necessary to avoid several hazards. If your furnace cannot maintain the air quality, needs frequent repairs, and doesn’t work properly, it is time to install a new furnace.
It depends on the size of your house. We suggest that you consult a local HVAC contractor since they will be able to measure your house and recommend a furnace accordingly.
The best time of year to replace your furnace is before the season starts. This ensures that you experience a comfortable winter without compromising the efficiency and utility bill.
You can install a furnace by yourself, but we do not recommend doing so. Installing a furnace has a lot of steps involved, like making dangerous connections and measuring the space for installation. Moreover, many states ask for a license to permit HVAC installation. If you’re looking for a splendid and reliable HVAC company offering furnace installation, then look up ‘furnace installation near me,’ and Wolcott Heating & Cooling will be there!

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