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Quality AC Repair In Troutdale, OR

Quality AC Repair In Troutdale, OR

Your Quality HVAC Contractor
Nearly 40 years ago, Wolcott started as a family-owned plumbing company. Since then, we’ve added experienced HVAC technicians and electricians to our team. Now, as Wolcott Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Cooling, we’re Troutdale, Oregon’s go-to for three-in-one home service!

Expert Residential and Commercial Air Conditioner Repair

As Portland area temperatures start rising, you need AC professionals you can trust. Wolcott offers a full range of services for AC repair, installation, and indoor air quality. Our licensed and trained technicians are specialists in servicing all types of air conditioning systems. Whether you have a tiny house tucked away in the woods or a thriving commercial enterprise, our team provides same-day service. We never want you to wait when you need your vital HVAC system running at 100%. We’re also available twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week, for emergency AC repair.

Some symptoms which indicate your air conditioner may need repair are:

  • Bad odors when you turn on your AC, such as a burning smell or a lingering moldy, dusty, or stale odor.
  • Warm air keeps coming from the vents, despite turning your thermostat much lower than usual.
  • Your AC is blowing cool or cold air, but there’s hardly any airflow.
  • The AC has been turning on and off a lot instead of going through more extended, regular cycles like it did previously.
  • When your AC starts, it makes squealing or grinding noises or other strange sounds. Or, it recently began running more loudly than usual.
  • The humidity is higher indoors than usual.
  • Refrigerant or water is leaking from your indoor evaporator unit.
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Professional Summer AC Tune-Up

There’s a saying about a little prevention being worth a lot of cure. In the HVAC world, a bit of yearly maintenance is worth lots of AC repairs. The main reason many air conditioners break once the hot weather hits is that after disuse all winter, they weren’t prepared to be put into use suddenly. To get your system ready for the summer heat, get an AC tune-up from Wolcott Plumbing, Electrical, Heating, and Cooling. During this service, we will:
  • Check the thermostat and recalibrate it if needed.
  • Measure your system’s coolant levels and add refrigerant. Older ACs still use Freon (R-22). Although this refrigerant is no longer being manufactured as of 2020, we can refill your unit’s Freon from our recycled supply. We also carry the full range of newer coolants used for more recently built air conditioners.
  • Your HVAC tech will lubricate any moving parts, alleviating extra friction and strain.
  • Inspect the outdoor refrigerant lines for leaks or damage, as well as ensure that the insulation is sufficient.
  • Check the indoor evaporator coil for any build-up and clean it if necessary.
  • We’ll also make sure the outdoor condenser coil isn’t blocked in any way and is getting enough air intake.
  • We’ll examine, lubricate, and balance the blower fan.
  • Inspect the condensate pump, and verify that the condensate drain is flowing freely. We’ll flush out the condensate drain line, which sometimes gets clogged with algae.
  • Have a look at the filter and replace it if needed. Your HVAC pro will recommend the appropriate type of filter and the best replacement schedule for your home. This depends on the number of family members, pets, allergies, and sometimes other factors.
  • Check the air handler and make sure it’s not leaking water. The air handler helps circulate the air and keep it at the desired temperature.
  • Inspect HVAC electrical components. Even small electrical items failing can result in your system not working, but there are two components of particular importance: the capacitors and the contactor. Different capacitors either start the motor or keep it running. The contactor is like a switch that provides power to various portions of your outdoor condenser unit. The capacitors and contactor work together as a team, and without them, your air conditioner will not work correctly or cool the air.
  • We’ll also inspect electrical wiring for any signs of rodent damage, replacing wires as needed.
  • Ensure the safety disconnect attached to your outdoor unit is functioning correctly.
  • If the outdoor unit isn’t level, we’ll adjust it, as well as make any necessary changes to the wooden platform on which it sits. Your condenser won’t drain properly otherwise, and this can damage your system.
  • In heat pumps, we’ll check the function of the reversing valve. This valve allows the unit to switch back and forth between air conditioning and heating.
  • Your skilled HVAC tech will also inspect your ductwork, making sure it’s sufficient for the size (power) of your air conditioner.
While that seems like a lot, your Wolcott team member will complete your AC tune-up quickly and competently. You’ll be provided with an extensive report of any issues that were found and addressed. Your technician may then suggest additional services depending on the findings. With regular air conditioner tune-ups, you can expect to:
  • Keep your equipment covered under the manufacturer’s warranty.
  • Make your AC system run at top efficiency.
  • Experience improved indoor air quality.
  • Catch problems before they happen and prevent costly repairs.
  • Protect yourself and your family from mold growth, carbon monoxide emissions, and electrical hazards.
  • Give your HVAC system a longer life.

Our Customer View On Our Service

Mike Hogg and his assistant Art were amazing! They came out on a moment's notice to do repairs while we were selling our home. Not only were they professional and courteous, bit they were honest about what work I really needed done. Art even disconnected my hoses for me since we were starting to have temps dipping below freezing I won't use anyone but them from now going forward.
Marick Kelley
Quality AC Repair Wolcott

Experience the Wolcott Difference

  • Since founding our company in 1978, we’ve been a business that Portland-area residents trust. We’re accredited by the Better Business Bureau and Home Builders Association, are NATE (North American Technician Excellence) certified, and are a Trade Ally of the Energy Trust of Oregon.
  • Our HVAC technicians are highly trained, licensed, and up-to-date on the latest manufacturers’ procedures and EPA regulations. Because they’ve demonstrated exceptional competency through NATE certification, our pros get to the heart of AC problems fast.
  • We honor veterans, first responders, and seniors in our community by offering a 10% discount on services. We appreciate your dedication and want to show our gratitude!
  • Wolcott frequently runs specials to help you save money on needed services. We also offer financing on new air conditioner installations.

We’re here for your AC repair and maintenance whenever you need us. Let us demonstrate our passion for helping you with your HVAC needs! Contact us today.

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