How Do You Fix A Furnace Ignition Lockout?

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A broken furnace in the too biting cold would be a cursing ordeal on anyone. Furnaces burn up and subsequently radiate warmth in our homes, and that’s why we all get them installed or maintained every season.

However, there are some dark days when your furnaces lie a little low. But don’t you worry as you have the most dynamic HVAC company at your service. We will always guide you through every HVAC mishap, and here’s one of the major ones, the lockout mode.

What do we Mean by the Furnace ‘Lockout Mode’?

Well, in the HVAC world, this mode calls out for a tier 2 emergency as you must know that your furnace is embedded with several effective sensors that detect any sort of faults during the runtime.

If a sensor senses something utterly different from the natural functioning norms or a typical HVAC hazard, it completely shuns the entire system. This condition is called a furnace ignition lockout.

When a furnace undergoes a lockout, it typically stays that way until an external force resets it. Therefore, if you ever experience such uneventful problems, here’s a detailed guide that will let you get through the lockout reset process effortlessly.

Prerequisites of a Lockout Setting

Lockout resetting is a complicated process to conduct. It requires skills and precision. Thus, before indulging in the process, you should ensure that the following conditions are worked out:

  • The problem that led to the lockout is resolved.
  • If the problem delays longer than usual, you might want to contact us.
  • You must be sure that your furnace has been subjected to a lockout and not fallen off to any other faults.

Identify the Issue that Led to the Lockout of your Furnace

Furnace lockouts are not quite common, and therefore there are just a handful of furnace inspections like:

  1. Defective flame sensors: It is one of the most prevailing furnace issues in the US. It is because of the dusty surroundings in the city centers that clog up the flame sensor. And naturally, a dirty or otherwise defective sensor would fail to sense flames and lead the controller sensor to stop immediately, leading to an intense lockout.
  2. Damaged igniter: Igniters are yet another reason why furnaces slip into lockout. If a furnace’s ignitor does not activate within minutes after being switched off, the flame sensors fail to acknowledge the presence of flames, and this will rapidly shut down the entire furnace functioning sequence.

Quick Fixes

  • Replace the faulty flame sensors: Flame sensors could be choked to death by soot and smoke. And thus, there may come times when you will be required to change them.
  • Clean your air filters: A clogged up filter could restrict an adequate amount of airflow. This constrained airflow could cause significant problems like limited switch failures and, eventually, lockouts. Hence, it is suggested that you check air filters for cracks and damages and make the subsequent changes.
  • Check your vents for defects: Whenever your furnaces go into such significant problems, we strongly recommend that you check your ducts. There might be signs of obstructions and damages that you can replace to ensure better quality and reverse the lockout.

We hope these techniques work wonders on your furnace, and it turns back to normality. If, however, it does not, don’t worry, we are here. If any of the steps mentioned above do not yield results, we suggest you contact Wolcott Services, America’s best emergency furnace repair. You can reach out to us by mail or call us at (503) 491-4848.

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