How Much Does it Cost to Run an AC Unit?

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Installing an AC unit in your home or workplace has become almost mandatory. Working in hot and humid conditions not only hampers health of individuals, but also impacts performance and efficiency to a great extent. In such a situation, getting an AC installation in Troutdale, OR, is a great idea. There are innumerable companies that manufacture air conditioning units and you are sure to be spoilt for choices when you go shopping for air conditioning units. However, there are many factors that need to be considered when you purchase an AC. Also, installing an AC will surely increase your electric bills. The amount of increase will depend on the time for which you are using the air conditioning machine and some other supporting factors.

Cost Calculator of an Air Conditioning Machine

Survey reports have shown that on average, energy bills amount to almost $2,000 – $2,200 annually. And almost half the amount of this bill can be attributed to the heating and cooling systems in the house. Therefore, it is quite evident that when using air conditioning, there is a surge in the electric bill amount. Along with the time span for which the AC is run, some other factors that impact the energy bill include energy efficiency of the air conditioner, the local cost of electricity per kWh, and the weather conditions of the place.

For cutting down on cooling costs, purchase an AC by checking the SEER rating on the unit. SEER means Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio. The higher the SEER rating, the higher the energy efficiency of the air conditioner machine. This means that the power bills which will be generated will be less. It has been seen that ACs with higher SEER ratings and with high energy-star certification have used almost 8% less energy when compared to general models. An annual saving of almost $70 – $100 can be made with this simple calculation.

There are areas where the summers are truly scorching and humid. As a result, AC machines in these areas have to work harder and require more electricity. Try setting the thermostat to a warmer temperature for a short period of time. This will lead to quick cooling via the AC machine and also reduce the electric bill due to AC usage.

Costing of Different Kinds of Air Conditioning Systems

  • Costing for Window Units: If you are on a budget and still deciding on an AC, window units are a great choice. If we assume that the AC machine runs for 8 hours a day at standard national electricity rates, the high-power window unit will generate about $1.52 to $1.80 per day. This sums to an average of $45 -$50 per month approx.
  • Costing for Split Systems:¬†Split air conditioners generally use 900 watts of energy. Installing a split AC in your home will cost about $30 monthly on average. This amount is less than that of window ACs.
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