How Often Do I Need An AC Unit Tune-Up?

How Often Do I Need An AC Unit Tune Up
AC tune-up services are maintenance services that check and examine the system for any repairs and faults. It helps the technician to detect the issues at the beginning stage and resolve them without many expenses
AC tune-up and maintenance services are different from each other. Maintenance service focuses on cleaning and upkeeping the unit for better performance throughout the season. However, tune-up service emphasizes finding the issues within the system.

What Happens in an AC Tune-Up Service?

It includes an examination of the condenser, compressor, electrical components, and connections. An AC repair technician in Beaverton will also lubricate the components and adjust the fan settings, look at the blower motor functioning, and check the refrigeration valves and pipes for damages.

It is an all-round service, so it will look at all the aspects of the AC system. The technician will survey the ducts and ventilation system and perform the necessary repair services. If the technician finds the quality of the air filter is degraded, the team will replace it quickly with a new one.

Signs that Hint That The Air Conditioning System Needs a Tune-up Service:

  • Every month you receive an unexpectedly high electricity bill.
  • The system makes weird sounds like trembling, rattling noises.
  • You smell a stale, stagnant smell whenever you are near the unit.
  • The system cannot cool the room efficiently.
  • The humidity in your home has subtly increased when the AC is working.
  • Excess water drips from the unit.
  • You may feel some corners of the house are not receiving the air.

Are the AC Tune-up Services Beneficial?

  1. An AC installation technician in Beaverton says that the AC warranty remains intact with the help of these services. If your AC is in the warranty period, the company technician will not perform the repair services if the system is not appropriately maintained.
  2. AC tune-up service helps with increasing the lifespan by 2-3 years without any repair issues.
  3. Clean and fresh air revolves around the house. There is no fear of viruses and harmful bacteria in the surroundings.
  4. Tune-up services provide a sense of safety and security from issues that can take away your peace of mind.

How Often Should you Call The AC Installation in Beaverton For AC Tune-up Service?

The vital factor that helps in deciding how often you should call the AC installation technician in Beaverton for a quick tune-up service is the age of the AC system. The AC system’s tendency to develop issues increases as the system gets older and older. So, it is better to call the tuning services twice a year to ensure there is no expensive repair building in the system.

If you cannot call the tune-up services twice a year, you can enroll in the maintenance plans offered by the HVAC companies in Beaverton. The HVAC company will accordingly schedule the services to keep the AC fit and running.

AC tune-up and maintenance services boost the performance of your AC and work perfectly without any costly issues in its lifespan. Call the Wolcott Services professional technician today for quick tune-up and maintenance services. You can even fill out the form here and get our AC repair technicians in Beaverton at your earliest convenience.

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