How to Stop an AC Leakage?

how to stop ac leakage

Is your air conditioner leaking water? Well, it is a common HVAC problem and mainly happens due to poor AC installation or unclean AC filters. Although water dripping in small amounts is normal, excessive leakage from your air conditioner can be troublesome and stressful for you.

So, are you wondering how to fix the leakage in your air conditioning system? Well, you can consult skilled and experienced AC repair technicians to discuss your air conditioning problems. You can also continue reading this article to learn more about the major causes of AC water leaks and how to fix them the right way.

Major Causes of a Leaking AC

There’s no doubt that air conditioners have now become a necessity in our lives. However, these complex HVAC systems typically break down when we least expect it. Although some minor AC malfunctions keep going on and off, some of these repair issues tend to become severe with time and create disturbance or problems for the homeowners.

An AC leakage is one such discrepancy that could be very annoying for the homeowners. The leakage problem in an air conditioner is mainly caused by any of these three reasons: the shortage of refrigerant, poor installation, or drainage blockage.

So, how do you stop your HVAC system from leaking? Here are a few useful tips that will help you stop your air conditioner from leaking water in your indoor space.

1. Ensure Proper Installation of Your AC

Improper installation is one of the major reasons for the water leaking problems in your AC. So, while getting your HVAC unit installed, make sure that the front side of your air conditioner is slightly higher than the rear part. There should be a minimum difference of 1-inch to allow proper water draining through your air conditioning unit. It will eventually prevent the water leak from directly dripping into your home and creating unattractive spots.

2. Clean your AC’s Air Filters Properly 

A blocked air filter is another major reason behind the water leaking problem of your air conditioner. If your HVAC system filters are dirty, it will eventually block the heat exchanger and restrict cool air from circulating in your rooms. Thus, it is imperative that you get your AC filters cleaned up regularly to avoid problems like AC leakage.

3. Unblock your AC’s Drainage Hole

Many people probably don’t know that there is a drainage hole at the back of the air conditioner, and it lets out any drip. However, if this drainage hole gets clogged, it could prevent the water from dripping out, thereby causing water leaks. So, make sure that the drainage hole of your AC always remains clean and unclogged.

The Bottom Line

AC water leakage is a severe problem, and it can eventually cause discomfort in your living area. Therefore, you must seek expert assistance while purchasing an air conditioner or installing it in your living space.

For more professional help and assistance in this regard, you can choose to call Wolcott Services at (503) 420-8022. Our team of professional AC repair experts in Gresham and Portland, OR, will be available to assist you immediately.

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