So what is hydrojetting, anyway? Basically, we pressure wash your drains with water pressure as high as 4,000 psi (pounds per square inch). For reference, the faucet on your kitchen sink probably has a psi of about 50. We know, 4,000 psi sounds like an insane amount of pressure to lay on your pipes, but it won’t cause any damage. That’s actually one of the reasons we recommend it so highly.

On top of being surprisingly gentle on your plumbing, the hydrojetting process uses little more than good, old-fashioned water, so it doesn’t pose any chemical risks to your family or the environment. While cabling drains simply makes them passable, hydrojetting even outstrips roots to clear EVERYTHING out of the way, leaving your drains and pipes like new. Finally, the results of hydrojetting will last you a lot longer than cabling — and the warranty is better. Of course, we still recommend this service annually for maintenance’s sake.

So what about hydroscrubbing? Are hydrojetting and hydroscrubbing related at all? Yes, they are. So closely related, in fact, that you might even say that they’re the same … thing. HydroScrub® is simply the brand of equipment that we use to get the hydrojetting job done.

You could be a candidate for hydrojetting if you’ve got a really tough drain clog (or clogs), sludge build-up, or a business with a need for preventative pipe clearing (we’re looking at you, restaurants).

Check out our hydrojetting page to learn why we’re the best guys for the job and schedule your HydroScrub® drain hydrojetting today.

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