The Ultimate Back-To-School Plumbing Checklist For Portland Families

back to school plumbing checklist

Back to school is a grand time to make sure that your plumbing’s in tip-top shape because a. the kids are out of the way-err, house – and b. holiday-season madness is still a few months off. Oh, and also because we tend to put stuff like home maintenance on the back burner while we’re busy embracing all that Portland has to offer us during summer. With that in mind, here’s our list of top picks for fall plumbing to-dos:

  • Check Out Those Laundry Drains: We’re guessing that this summer, you’ve spent a little time getting sandy, salty, muddy, and ice-creamy. Basically, if you haven’t done an actual metric ton of laundry this summer, you’ve been doing it wrong. One thing to be aware of, though, is that washing away the remnants of your seasonal escapades can clog up your washer’s drain. Do a little inspection (or call Wolcott’s plumbing pros to do it) and make sure that you’re in the clear. The same goes for your utility sink – especially if you did any home reno projects this summer.
  • Oh, And The Bathroom Drains, Too: Mud-caked laundry usually goes hand in hand with mud-caked humans (and pets), so your summer adventures may have put a little extra pressure on your shower and sink drains, too. Our expert plumbers can diagnose and repair drain clogs of all shapes and sizes, from that little guy in your kids’ bathroom right on down to the sewer lateral.
  • Stay On Top Of Your Water Heater Maintenance: The fall’s a choice time to flush out your water heater and give it a quick check-up. As with all of your appliances, regular maintenance will help it last longer! Give us a call to schedule some time with one of our water heater experts.
  • Drop The Drips: Is it just us, or do kids never seem to shut the water off all the way? The end of summer vacation gives us a chance to turn off the faucets for real and look for any leaks that may be wasting water, wasting money, or even causing damage to your home. If you find any, let us know and we’ll come to fix ‘em.
  • Dispel Garbage Disposal Drama: May we ask you a sensitive question? How old… is your garbage disposal? Because most only last about 12 years. If your teenage garbage disposal is giving you trouble, it’s probably just time to replace it. Of course, there are plenty of reasons that your garbage disposal could be acting up and Wolcott plumbers relish the opportunity to get to the bottom of things. It’s best to do this now when the garbage disposal is probably seeing less use than it was over the summer — or will be, come the holiday season!

So, there you have it: a handy, dandy checklist for fall. Visit wolcott.pro or call us today to start checking things off!

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