Why Is My Air Conditioner Tripping The Circuit Breaker?

Why is my air conditioner tripping the circuit breaker

In Portland, AC service is essential when your air conditioner trips the breaker repeatedly. This might happen because it’s not receiving enough electrical current from the circuit breaker. But there are other reasons this happens. Contact Wolcott Services today for an inspection from our professionals. We’ll discover the cause and repair it quickly.

Reasons your AC Trips the Circuit Breaker Repeatedly:

Circuit Breaker

After a period of persistent overheating, a circuit breaker wears out and eventually shuts down the power. If the connections on a circuit breaker are loose, it might cause problems. A faulty circuit breaker can be readily replaced, regardless of the issue.

Short Circuit

A short circuit is usually caused by faulty wiring. If a wire has become frayed or damaged, it can cause a short circuit that trips the breaker. This problem is more common in older homes with outdated electrical systems.

Dirty Air Conditioning Components

The breaker will keep tripping if unwanted material or dirt settles inside the AC components. Using an air conditioner will cause a temperature rise or uncomfortable change. The AC blower will struggle to circulate the air with a dusty air filter. Cleaning the device is the best option in this circumstance.

Frozen AC

A frozen air conditioner is unquestionably inconvenient. This occurs when the temperature in your room or building is higher than usual, the AC filter is damp, and the evaporator coil is ice-covered. If the coil is completely frozen or covered in ice, your system will continue to draw electricity until your breaker trips, indicating that there is already too much power. When this happens, contact us in Portland for AC service!

Problems With Refrigerants

If you detect a drop in the refrigerant level, it generally means you have a leak in your air conditioner. Refrigerants are designed to assist your air conditioner in removing warm air from your home by cycling heat from the indoor unit to the outdoor unit. If the coolant is low, your air conditioner will have to work harder to remove heat from your home, which can cause it to overheat and trip the breaker.

An Issue With The Compressor

  • It Won’t Start: Your air conditioner’s compressor serves as its engine. The compressor will fail when the AC has endured severe wear and tear, problems from other unsolved electrical issues, or frequent breaker resets. If the compressor is still viable, our AC technician will provide AC repair in Beaverton. In this case, we will most likely install a capacitor to keep it functioning.
  • It is Grounded: There is a chance that the electrical winding on the compressor will touch the sides, forcing you to replace the complete system. Contact a professional right away for services.

When your commercial or residential air conditioner isn’t working correctly, it’s time to call the experts at Wolcott Services for AC repair in Beaverton. Our skilled specialists can assist you in promptly and effectively resolve your concerns! Call us at 503-420-8022 or email us here soon to avoid being trapped in a hot home or office.

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