DIY Plumbing Can Lead to Leaks or Worse

DIY Plumbing Leaks

Why Wolcott recommends that Portland-Metro residents leave plumbing to the pros.

Home improvement projects can be spend-y! Doing the work yourself will definitely save you cash — at least in the short term — but plumbing tends to be one of those things that’s best left to the pros.

In Oregon, plumbers are required to attend technical schools, complete lengthy apprenticeships (which typically take about four years), and pass exams before they can even apply for a license. That’s because plumbing is complex and can even be quite dangerous. Let’s dig in, shall we?

Clogs probably seem like the most DIY-able plumbing problem to tackle — especially with the number of clog-dissolving, drain-cleaning products that are out there. But these products can actually damage your plumbing. And yes, you can buy a snake at the hardware store, but should you? A professional hydrojet is much more effective and the results will last longer. If your clog happens to be of the sewer variety, it could be caused by something wild and crazy like tree roots, which can also lead to flooding. All of that is generally more than most self-taught plumbers are up for. Plus, you’ll need special tools to access your sewer line, anyway — tools that we have handy 100 percent of the time.

Pipe-related projects aren’t as simple as you may think, either. First off, if you’re planning to add or rearrange any piping, you’re going to need to make sure that you have enough space. This is something that plumbing pros are always thinking about, but the average homeowner overlooks. The next thing to be aware of is that pipes can be made from a few different materials — each of which requires different tools and approaches. But it’s not all about measurements, materials, and tools — it’s about having just the right touch, too. One of the most common mistakes that DIY “plumbers” make is overtightening, which can lead to cracking, leaking, and flooding. Oh yeah, and if you do decide to tackle pipe repairs or installations on your own, don’t forget to turn off the water before you get started.

Finally, when it comes to anything gas-related, just put down the wrench and call us. Seriously. Gas can be very dangerous and mistakes can have deadly consequences. Wolcott’s expert plumbers are trained to handle everything from gas leak repairs to gas line installations safely — round the clock. Same goes for plumbing appliances!

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