How Do You Flip The Breaker On An Air Conditioner?

How Do You Flip The Breaker On An Air Conditioner

You may have a severe issue on your hands if your air conditioner keeps tripping its circuit breaker. Also, the first thing you must understand is that if your air conditioning unit has turned the breaker several times, there is a reason for this, and you should not turn it back on.

Circuit breakers turn off the electricity to protect your home from damage or an electrocution hazard. While a primary cause is usually an overloaded circuit, you must call experts for AC repair in Gresham to determine why the circuit breaker got overworked in the first place.

How to Flip the Circuit Breaker on your Air Conditioner?

Here are some reasons why your AC circuit breaker trips and how you can flip it.

  • Overloading

Air conditioner overheating is a common cause of it tripping the breaker. Overheating can be caused by several factors, including fan failure, low coolant, dirty fan coil units, or a clogged filter. The condenser coils and the sensor are the only problems you can safely handle as a homeowner. To begin, remove the air filter and clean or replace it.

Next, look at the condenser tubes on the outside component of your air conditioning unit. Clean them to the highest possible standard if the airflow around them gets obstructed. Check if they have excess dirt, leaves, or other debris and clean them.

If none of these options resolves the excessive heat and breaker-flipping issue, you should schedule a service for AC repair in Portland.

  • Electrical Connections that aren’t Tight

There are a few other reasons your air conditioning system keeps tripping the breaker if it is not overloading. Loose power lines are a chance. As the seasons change, sometimes radically, and hurricanes affect the region, wires can contract and relax, leaving frayed wires and defective breakers. While this may appear to be a quick fix, these wires carry a lot of power and should get treated with extreme caution.

  • Electricity Shortage

If your AC wiring has an electrical malfunction, you must immediately consult a professional to resolve the problem. An electrical short transmits energy down a wire route where it does not connect.

Short circuits are highly hazardous because they can cause sparks, fumes, and fires. If the breaker trips right after the air conditioner is turned on, and you hear a distinguishable popping sound when you turn it back on, you’ve probably got an electrical problem. Also, never turn the breaker back on and consult a professional as soon as possible.

  • The Condenser Coil is Dirty

Have you neglected your yearly air conditioning preventative maintenance? If yes, you might also have observed that your system isn’t cooling as well as it once did. If that’s the case, a clogged condenser coil could be blamed.

A compressing coil on your outside air conditioning system is responsible for releasing cumulative heat outside your tower. It can become coated with sludge and debris because it gets exposed to extreme weather (especially at road level or rooftop).

If you are facing issues with your air conditioning circuit breaker, it is time to call our experts at Wolcott Services. To book an appointment, call us at (503) 420-8022.

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