How Long Should a Ducted Air Conditioner Last?

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While a ducted air conditioning system is probably the most efficient out of the ones available, maintaining or repairing it is a substantial financial and time-consuming affair. Nothing is worse than the ac malfunctioning, especially in the roaring summer heat in Troutdale, Oregon.

Sometimes inefficiency can lead to poor installations, in which case emergency AC repair in Troutdale, OR, should be contacted. However, it can also be a sign to change an old ducted ac system.

This article focuses on why a ducted ac may be dysfunctional and the time to change it.

What is a ducted air conditioning system?

A duct air conditioning system uses ducts sent through the wall cavities and the electrical wirings and other materials (called ductwork) from one central location that cools or heats a space through vents in the wall ceilings.

A duct air conditioner unit saves up the spaces on the floors and the walls that are taken up by a split or a portable air conditioner unit.

It is best to keep the cost at $500-$3 to complete repairing an old ducted air conditioner system. A new installation can cost around $2,935-$4,000+, including the flexible non-metals and aluminum, ductwork pipes, sheet metals, duct fans, foil seal tape, duct tape, and vents.  Labor charges should amount to $300-$1,000. Around 30-90 feet of ductwork shall be required for the installation process.

Age of the unit

A proper AC installation in Troutdale, OR for the ducted system should last for ten years, along with appropriate care. Although the unit may have greater longevity, the ductwork, vent pipes, and wirings might be subject to deterioration and depreciation.

Any duct needs to be cleaned every 3 to 5 years, and it can increase unit longevity.  If the vent is over 15 years old and started malfunctioning, it is best to change the entire system.

Unreal maintenance costs

Ducts are hard to maintain, and the costs might go up as the unit ages. However, if it starts affecting the electricity bill with unnaturally colossal power consumption, the ducts should be replaced.

Apart from the bill, if contacting the installation or repair company has been a daily affair instead of 3-5 years, the system needs to go out.

Noisy operation

The most important feature of a ducted unit is the most significant marker of whether it has problems. If there are rumbling sounds inside vents or from the ducts, the system needs to be changed.

Inefficient installations/repairs

Ducted air conditioners are costly and challenging to repair. Hence, selecting a licensed repairing and installation services company is essential. It would be responsible for any further repairing queries and problems related to the entire system in the future.

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