How Much Does it Cost to Replace an Igniter on a Furnace?

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A furnace’s ignitor is a giant chunk of metal subjected to various experimental ordeals. Consequently, it is regarded as the element with the lowest lifespan. In general terms, a furnace ignitor is just another furnace component that undergoes rapid temperature changes as per desire.

Therefore, such hectic function variations and temperature regulations naturally lower its lifespan, arising the need for furnace tune-up services.

Furnace Ignitors: An Illustration

Furnace Ignitors are commonly referred to as glow plugs in the non-technical world. They are essentially a piece of hot surface spacing that replaced the classic concepts of pilot lights in an HVAC furnace.

Initially, the furnaces used to indicate different conditions via embedded pilot lights, but now they do so through ignitors. The igniters glow red hot during combustion, rising to a temperature of 1200 degrees Fahrenheit.

Replacing an Old Furnace Ignitor

However, with time igniters wear off and succumb to various cracks and HVAC injuries. It is then that they are broken, and they demand an immediate replacement.

The idea of replacement could juggle up in your mind and cause several headaches due to various reasons. Replacing an HVAC part could become tricky because the pieces are updated from time to time, and there might come a day when the ignitor you are searching for is no longer available in the market.

When we talk of the replacement costs, an average ignitor replacement is affordable enough for an average American household. So, let us consider some factors that strongly affect the ignitor replacement costs for your furnace.

Standard Replacement Time vs. the Emergency Replacement Time

It is always comforting to know that a service is still over your head in times of utter distress. However, this can take different turns when it comes to the cost factor. The repair cost multiplies if you take up services after hours, like after 6 pm or on holidays.

Ignitor Category Fudges the Price system

Nearly all ignitor types come under the same category, and that is the universal non-OEM ignitor. But several parts come with OEM backgrounds and cost a little higher. Therefore, the decisions regarding the OEM or non-OEM should be discussed during the furnace installation procedures so that no problems arise in the future.

The warranty angle

The furnaces come with various warranty slips. Some of which last at least five years. So, if your ignitor fails before your warranty period is over, there are chances that your costs might notch down a bit.

However, the warranty claims for a minor part like ignitor creates more hassles than paying for it. It is therefore suggested that you invest warranty claims on other major components.

Thus, if your ignitor ever surprises you by not working, then slide off the problems to our end by dialing (503) 491-4848. And the Wolcott Services would be there at your doorstep, guiding you through various furnace repair issues. Get in touch with our professionals today.

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