How Often Should You Service a Ducted Air Conditioner?

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With the summer temperature rising to extremes in Portland, Oregon, it is probably a good time to install an air conditioning system in one’s home. While a perfect air conditioner can be a blessing during summer months, the entire benefit depends upon choosing the system and its consequent installation processes.

This article looks into the crucial factors to consider while servicing a ducted air conditioning system and whether a completely new installation is better.

What is a ducted air conditioning system?

A ducted air conditioning system uses vents sent through the wall cavities and the electrical wirings and other materials (called ductwork) from one central location that cools or heats a space through the vent air unit inside the walls or ceilings.

A duct air conditioner unit saves up the spaces on the floors and the walls taken up by a split or a portable air conditioner unit, and other less costly alternatives available for AC installation in Troutdale, OR.

Old AC servicing or a completely new AC installation?

Installation of a ducted air conditioning system requires the installer or the installation company to produce a list of all the vent locations, ductwork lines that pass through the home, the ceiling length and cavity spaces, or furniture obstructs the vents in any way.

It is best to keep the cost at $500-$3 to complete repairing an old system. A new installation can cost around $2,935-$4,000+, including the flexible non-metals and aluminum, ductwork pipes, sheet metals, duct fans, foil seal tape, duct tape, and vents.  Labor charges should amount to $300-$1,000. Around 30-90 feet of ductwork shall be required for the installation process.

A ducted air conditioner should be serviced by a qualified technician around once in twelve months, or a little more a year regularly, to provide topnotch quality efficiency and maintenance. A regular, small checkup requires around $150-$500.

Why should I service a ducted air conditioner?

Here is a shortlist on why a ducted air conditioner should be serviced regularly-

  • Provides better air quality
  • Increases unit longevity
  • Checks system efficiency
  • Checks the electrical wirings of the entire residence
  • Ensures a regular cleaning of the ducts and pipelines
  • Prevents the unit from clogging and becoming wet
  • Lower costs than a new installation
  • Qualified technicians ensuring the system is in good hands
  • Can save one from a considerable maintenance cost later

Why choose a licensed installation company?

Ducted air conditioners are costly and challenging to repair. Hence, selecting a licensed repairing and installation services company is essential. It would be responsible for any further repairing queries and problems related to the entire system in the future.

At Wolcott Services, we have recently added HVAC technicians and electricians after a successful forty-year-old family business in plumbing. Call us at (503) 420-8022 for any AC installation or AC repair in Troutdale, OR. We are looking forward to making your summers cool again!

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