Spring Plumbing Tips

Spring Plumbing Tips 11zon

Springtime in Portland is really something to behold: monsoons showers perforated by warm sunshine, vivid rainbows spanning the Pacific Northwest sky, snow-capped Mt. Hood spied from Pittock Mansion. Pollen? Yeah, there’s a bit of that, too. But hey, quit raining on our spring-in-Portland parade! To be fair, Oregon spring does come with a few home worries, but just read on for our top tips and know that if any issues should pop up along with your tulips, we’ve got you covered. Then you can get back to enjoying this glorious season, worry-free.

Give your sump pump sump extra attention.

Spring rains in Oregon can be pretty wild and since the ground may already be saturated from the long, rainy winter, it’s always a good idea to make sure that your trusty sump pump is functioning properly. Clear away any debris from the intake and pour some water into the pit to make sure that your pump will effectively remove it. If you really want to spoil it, you can add a bit of vinegar to the water to knock out mold. If you discover any problems, just call your trusty neighborhood plumbers. (That’s us.)

Nip low water pressure (and whatever is causing it) in the bud.

Low water pressure (especially a sudden change in water pressure) can be caused by a hidden leak, which can eventually become a big problem. Now is the time to investigate.

Take a gander at your water heater.

Look for signs of leaks or corrosion, which may include drips, puddles, or rust. If you find any, give Wolcott’s plumbing experts a call. One other pro tip: Making sure that your water heater’s max temperature is set no higher than 120 degrees Fahrenheit will help to keep your utility costs lower. 

Inspect your indoor and outdoor faucets for leaks.

Maybe the faucet in your guest bathroom has been quietly dripping for months, but you’re hardly ever in there. If you take a look and happen to notice a leak, give us a call. As for outdoor faucets, cold temperatures can damage or even break pipes, so be sure to pay close attention as you turn them on again this spring. Oh, and if you encounter any clogs as you’re making the rounds, we can help with those, too.

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