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Why Should You Upgrade Your Hot Water Heater?

Why Should You Upgrade Your Hot Water Heater?

Why Should You Upgrade Your Hot Water Heater?

Can we take a second to appreciate everything hot water does for us? From enjoying a nice, steamy shower after a hard day’s work to your DIY at-home spa to warm water from the tap making handwashing all those dishes a bit more bearable, we just couldn’t do without our supply of hot water and we bet you feel the same way. These comforts all come down to a big player in your home — the water heater. We know we love our hot water heaters so why not take a good thing and make it better with an upgrade?

Here are a few reasons why you and your household could benefit from an upgrade in the hot water heater department:

  1. Peace of Mind: With an aging hot water heater, you need to be constantly on top of maintenance. Whether it’s an actual issue that you need to fix or you are preoccupied with worrying about when the next problem will come, an older hot water heater is a hassle. Getting an upgrade will make it so you can set your water heater up and forget about it (other than your routine preventative maintenance, that is!).
  2. Energy Efficiency: This one is a win-win because a more energy-efficient hot water heater can give you more hot water AND save you money! There are newer models out there that offer great hot water recovery rates (the rate at which your heater can heat more water). What this means for you is that with a higher recovery hot water heater, you are less likely to run out of hot water as it can make more quickly. On top of that, because they are more energy efficient than your old tank-style water heater, it also helps you save on your energy bill. Wolcott can review your options for new hot water heaters to recommend one that fits your home’s needs!
  3. Consider Going Tankless: Since you are already thinking about upgrading, you should take a moment to consider going with a tankless water heater. A newer tank-style water heater can supply you with more hot water than your old model, but it will run out at some point. With a tankless water heater, the water is heated whenever you need it. It’s practically an endless fount of superbly steamy water! You also aren’t paying to keep an entire tank of water heated, so these models are incredibly energy efficient. Call us today to talk about if a tankless water heater is a right choice for you.
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