Don’t Let Winter Allergies Spoil the Romance this Valentine’s Day

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Don’t Let Winter Allergies Spoil the Romance this Valentine's Day

In Portland, February means three things: unpredictable weather, jazz, and romance, baby! But nothing can squash a good, old-fashioned make-out session faster than allergy symptoms. Here are some tips to help you trade a scratchy throat for sensual back scratching this winter:

Say No to #NoFilter

(At least when it comes to HVAC.) Quality, high-efficiency filters designed to catch microscopic particles will remove allergens from the air inside your home and help you to breathe a lot more freely. If you’ve already got one and it’s not doing the trick, ask us about replacing it (you should do this every three months).

Bust ze Dust

Dust and dust mites are real common allergens that can cause big problems for those who are sensitive to them. Remove dust from your HVAC registers and returns, then keep going until all of your ceiling fans, baseboards, and picture frames are dust-free, too. Be sure to use a damp rag or a washable microfiber duster to trap as much dust as possible and minimize airborne particles.

Don’t Bring the Outdoors In

Well, right now, we’re really just focused on keeping dirt and pollens out of the house to minimize your allergy symptoms. One way to accomplish this is by cleaning your HVAC system’s outdoor unit. You can also be one of those people who take their shoes off at the front door.

Stay On Top of Your HVAC Tune-Ups

Regular maintenance of your heating & cooling system(s) is an easy way to make sure that your equipment is working as it should while maximizing efficiency. It also gives our HVAC pros the chance to check (and probably change) your air filter, as well as address any other issues that may affect your indoor air quality.

Give us a call today to ensure your Portland-area home’s indoor air quality and keep the romance alive!

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