How much does it Cost to Have a Plumber Unclog a Drain?

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Sometimes, your washroom drain may become clogged, and when that happens, the situation can be messy. It can lead to both inconvenient and unhygienic conditions in the house. If you cannot unclog a drain personally, hiring a suitable plumber or agency offering plumbing services becomes necessary. The not-to-worry aspect is you have options to select from some reliable and professional agencies for plumbing in Portland.

Reasons for a Blocked/Clogged Drain

Your bathroom drain pipe and outlet may get blocked owing to several reasons. Hair and toilet paper are two things that can clog a drain pipe. However, sometimes, you may find tree roots outside the bathroom are blocking the pipe outlet. Sometimes, toys or kinds of stuff dropped accidentally by the kids may also lead to drain blockage. In some cases, it may be hard for the homeowner to figure out the root cause for drain clogging.

Identifying the Core Issue and Resolving It

Unlike the yesteryears, modern plumbers use sophisticated equipment to find the root cause of the drainage problem. They may even use the sewer drain cameras to find out the source of blockage inside the pipe.

Once the core issue is identified, the plumbers use suitable apparatus to fix the problem. They mostly resort to using long flexible steel rods called electric eel. These help them clear the debris stuck in the pipe. However, not all clogged drain pipes can be cleaned with these rods. Sometimes, using the rods may lead to a damaged pipe. The plumbers also use the device with powerful water jets to unclog drain pipes.

How Much Does Drain Unclogging Cost

The exact cost of drainpipe unclogging will vary from one household to another. Be prepared to pay anything between $100 and $250. However, if the drainpipe has been badly damaged, it may have to be replaced. That will cost you extra. You may also have to pay a higher amount if you call a plumber on holidays or weekends. In any case, feel free to ask a plumber or plumbing entity about the charges. Some of them display the charges on their websites, but it is still a good idea to ask them upfront about it. In most cases, unclogging a drain should not cost you a whopping amount.

Hiring a Suitable Plumber

Before you hire a suitable plumber for unclogging your bathroom or kitchen drain, assess a few aspects carefully. The elementary check is whether the plumber or plumbing company is licensed or not. Professional agencies are licensed, and they are transparent on service terms too. They may have pre-made packages, but usually, they offer you a quote after assessing your premises. The top plumbers also revert to queries of customers without wasting time.

You may not have enough time to assess the plumbing agencies in your region. However, that does not mean you can’t hire a reliable plumber for drain unclogging or other plumbing needs. Check out Wolcott Heating & Cooling now. We offer reliable plumbing services in the Portland region.

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