Spine-Chilling Plumbing Stories to Tell in the Dark

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It was a dark and stormy night in Happy Valley, Oregon. Cold, too. The kind of cold that you feel in your bones. As Max pulled his comforter higher and closed his eyes after a long day, he heard a noise that forced them open again. His blood ran cold. What was that?! Hissing, banging, shrieking. It sounded like a friggin’ banshee was screaming through the house, knocking things off shelves as it went. Max sat upright, quaking, and then picked up his phone. He dialed… dum dum dummm… his plumber.

Max’s house was haunted, alright — by the spirit of his formerly healthy and happy water heater. This Halloween, we want to help you avoid any plumbing-related terrors, so here’s a list of four of the most common scary stories in plumbing… and how to avoid them.

Max’s water heater worries are more common than you may think. Most of the time, though, it’s a lack of hot water that tips people off to their water heater issues. If you experience problems with your water heater, you should always have a licensed plumber check it out for you (instead of trying to DIY) because water heaters can be quite dangerous. As for how to avoid problems in the first place, it’s all about maintenance. Schedule regular tune-ups with Wolcott and we’ll keep an eye on things — and try to nip any potential issues in the bud.

Clogged drains (and sewers) are undoubtedly one of the creepiest plumbing snafus out there. They cause all sorts of scary stuff to happen, from unexpected shower-baths to filthy backflow and, to top it all off, they tend to bring along unpleasant odors. You can prevent clogs by being vigilant about what goes down your drain (and toilets). If a problem should, ahem, arise, just give us a call and we’ll determine the best way to bust it up.

Toilet clogs. Do we really even need to talk about why these are scary? Didn’t think so. So, how to prevent them? Don’t flush anything except toilet paper — no wipes, feminine hygiene products, stuffed animals, food. None of that. And if you still find yourself with an unplungeable clog, call in the pros — wolcott.pro.

Leaking faucets may seem mild in comparison with the stuff above, but their repercussions are way bigger than that nagging drip sound. Steady leaks cost you unnecessary money every month. And worse, one faucet that drips every two seconds wastes more than 1,000 gallons of water each year. That’s truly scary. And while leaks aren’t always preventable, they are 100 percent fixable. Give us a call today and we’ll save you from the madness. Happy Halloween, y’all.

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