How Much Does it Cost to Convert an Oil Furnace to Gas?

Oil to gas

If you spent several hundred dollars last winter heating your house, you are not wrong in considering a switch to a gas-operated furnace. There are many benefits of using a gas-operated furnace, including higher efficiency and less money spent on furnace maintenance. No wonder more than half the country has made the switch to natural gas furnaces already, leaving less than 8% still relying on oil to fuel their furnaces.

How Much Will a Gas Operated Furnace Cost?

You will be surprised to know that gas-fired furnaces cost a lot less than those that operate on oil. A basic standard-efficiency furnace that runs on natural gas will cost you anything between $1500 and $3000. Whereas those that run on oil costs as much as $8000. If you choose to buy a high-efficiency furnace, you will pay no more than $5000 for a gas furnace, while you will have to cough up approximately 10 grands for an oil-operated furnace. If that does not help you make up your mind, a high-efficiency unit is also eligible for tax credits and local incentives. A gas furnace is a better choice when it comes to investment costs.

How Much Will a Gas Furnace Hookup Cost?

When it comes to hooking up a gas furnace, you have to consider the cost involved in running an underground pipe to your house from the gas main. You will need to dig a trench from the road to your house, where you will also install a meter. This will cost you approximately $1000-$1500.

Other Costs Involved

Aside from the cost of the unit itself, you may also need to put in an additional $800-$2000 to line your chimney. This has been done since the moisture in the gas exhaust could ruin your masonry. However, this is a cost that you will incur only once. Including labor, you would not spend over $10,000 to $12,000 on a new gas furnace installation. If you decide to add other appliances such as a water heater, dryer, and pool heater, this cost may bump up to $15,000 for a single-family home.

All things said and done, switching to a gas furnace is worth it. Though this may seem like a few grand in conversion costs, you will soon begin to reap the many benefits of a high-efficiency furnace. It is also noteworthy to mention that gas has lower carbon emissions when compared to oil, which means you can finally own a commercial-style mufti-burner system you have always dreamt of without harming the environment.

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