Will Your AC Run Overnight Without A Filter?

will ac run overnight without filter

What do air filters do? Perhaps you attempted to explore your filter on the advice of a Portland air conditioning repair expert and discovered that it is dusty and blocked and are now curious about the functionality of air filters. Well today, we’re going to give you all the information you need to know about air filters.

What Does An Air Filter Do?

Once the unit draws airflow into your house to chill it, it flows via the air filter before hitting the interior air conditioning machine. The filter, composed of closely packed cotton, captures and gathers microscopic particles, including dirt, grit, pet hair, and even microbes. This feature enhances your home’s interior air quality while also protecting the air conditioning program’s interior components.
We all know how vital it is to change an older, unclean air filter with a clean one – but what happens if you forget to do so for even a day?

Will Your AC Run Without a Filter?

Sure. It will survive. Although your air conditioning system will function without a filter, AC repair professionals in Beaverton advise against it since it can pose a risk to your AC system and your health, requiring costly repairs.

Risks Involved in Running an AC Without Filter

1. Degraded air quality

Whenever air conditioners aren’t filtered, the most typical issue is poor air quality. Without a filter, particles would not collect in a space with an AC operating consistently. The device will ultimately clog as a result of this.

2. Condensation drainage concerns

The condensation outlet will not remove the humidity from the Air conditioner if it does not have a filter. Moisture will form on the Refrigerant tube as a result of this. The moisture will then flow down the drain, causing the entire mechanism to be flooded. You will face expensive Hillsboro air conditioning repair charges in such cases.

3. Degraded ductwork

Debris from the Freon tubes will drain away from your duct, where the irregular metal pipes will catch it. This permits moisture to develop within your ducting, resulting in mold development.

Why must you change the air filter?

By replacing your air filters and getting regular maintenance from a company of Gresham air conditioning repair, you can guarantee that your home’s quality of air is at its finest. Also, it minimizes the likelihood of a malfunction and improves the device’s maximum productivity throughout warmer seasons.

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